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Entrepreneurial growth with Jock Purtle + Erika de la Cruz

Erika de la Cruz is an American entrepreneur in the entertainment and broadcasting industry and leader of Passionistas. Her partner, Jock Purtle is an Australian … Continue reading

How traveling took Laura Moffat from a Neuroscience PhD to Fashion Designer

Laura and I met during her General Assembly class Take Control: Developing a Winning Brand Strategy. I asked a lot of questions, and she had

Jacqueline Boone went from China to “6 Months To Live”

After three years in China and working on a Montana ranch, Jacqueline Boone was asked a question that would change her life: What would you do … Continue reading

Sasha Smolina is a fashion photographer who started from scratch

After rising through the ranks in the Russian fashion world, Sasha wanted to bring her photography business to New York. She believes her success can … Continue reading

Expat couple on launching their restaurant app, Kadusia

Jean Payan and Belen Garcia both lived abroad growing up. Together, they live in New York and talk about what it takes to get their … Continue reading

Beth Santos turned a blog into a global community of women

Before she was a founder of the premiere travel site for women, Beth had to navigate life in Portugal and on the small island of … Continue reading

How a year became a business for Emmy winner Lisa Lubin

As a TV producer she had won three Emmy’s but Lisa went off in search of more. Now she runs a meaningful media company and … Continue reading

Betsy Talbot is a Spanish expat and romance writer taking risks step by step

A nomadic expat with immigrant tendencies, Betsy moved to Spain with her husband and bought a house. If that weren’t romantic enough, she literally became … Continue reading

Suma Reddy went from Peace Corps to Wharton-trained serial entrepreneur

After an eye-opening experience with the Peace Corps, Suma went to work for one of India’s top entrepreneurs. This experience led to Wharton, an MBA … Continue reading

Anja Schirwinski went from shy in Central America to confident CEO

Anja’s six month trip turned in to a 2.5 year stay in Antigua, Guatemala. Now she runs a Drupal agency that she bootsrapped with her … Continue reading