April 6, 2017

Welcome to The Postnomadic Project

Here you’ll find an exploration of risk. A close-up study of world-traveling entrepreneurs who live their entire lives in a state of unknown, finding a way to get comfortable in the uncomfortable, and thriving in the unknown.

In my study, I have two main hypotheses:

Hypothesis 1: Long-term travel gives you life skills that are directly transferrable to success in business.

Hypothesis 2: Long-term travel gives you a world perspective that is then infused in your company ethos, business model and vision.

My study group:

I interview entrepreneurs who have lived or traveled abroad for more than a year at a time.

Travelers make for the perfect entrepreneurs. Just look at the similarities: both have an adventurous spirit, a predisposition to thriving in confusing, unclear situations, a willingness to leap into the unknown without a net, and figure it out as you go along.

When someone asks ‘Why would you do that?’ we say, “Why not!”

When people warn, “What if it doesn’t work out?” we say, “What if it does!”

The entrepreneurs I interview all talk about how the experiences and skills gained through long-term travel or living abroad have contributed to their entrepreneurial success.

This is a group of people who look risk square in the face and say: “I’m going anyway.”

Guess what I have found so far?

There is a very clear method to their risk-taking, and anyone can do it.

It is my goal to foster as many world-traveling entrepreneurs out there as possible.

The Postnomadic Project is for you if:

  1. 1. You’re sitting at your desk in an office you despise and dream about quitting to go traveling all day.
  2. 2. You’re traveling right now and are looking for a more sustainable business model to make this location independence thing a much longer-term prospect.
  3. 3. You’re an entrepreneur who needs a community of daredevils, risk takers, with loads of fridge magnets from every city they’ve ever visited.

You can’t be what you can’t see. I want you to see the hardworking, world-traveling entrepreneurs doing constructive work creating sustainable businesses.

Right now, a lot of people out there want you to believe that running a travel blog, being a professional Instagrammer is how you can make money and travel.

My Postnomadic Vision:

I see a world where travelers think like entrepreneurs, find patterns and problems and create viable solutions.

Because while it is incredible that we can all work from anywhere, making money online, I believe we are now ready to enter the post-nomadic era, where travelers and expats think like entrepreneurs – exploring the world to find patterns of problems and create real, viable solutions.

Travel is just the first step.

I hope that these interviews let you hear that tiny voice in your head that says your meant for more, look it in the face, and take the leap for yourself (when you’re ready!)

In these interviews, you’ll learn how they channel all the lessons they learned as travelers into becoming successful entrepreneurs.

You’ll hear the story of one woman moved to Argentina on a whim, made one simple observation, and with limited Spanish language skills built a massive community out of nothing.

You’ll learn how one little yellow envelope turned a nomad into a successful author.
You’ll read about how one woman gained such self-confidence traveling, that upon her return she became a coder and then a CEO of her own company – and how she felt she could have never achieved that had she not gone out to experience the world.

Find out how they each break down massive risks into achievable steps, and how travel played a key role in their entrepreneurial success.

I want you to see that travel doesn’t hurt your career. It can make you a boss.

About me

Travel saved my life.

And it made me who I am.

But In 2014, I was the wrong end of every ‘I told you so’ answer to every “What if” question everyone warns you about when you say you’re going to go off and travel.

“What if you go broke?” Check.

“What if you get hurt?” Check, so many times, check.

At that time, I had landed on my friend’s futon in their third bedroom, after breaking my ankle, losing my business and my partner all in one fell swoop. I felt like a total failure.

Before this moment, I had lived 10 years in four countries as an expat. Then I was a nomad for four years, making living as a writer traveling the world like my heroes, Langston Hughes and Ernest Hemingway.

But now, I had lost it all…and yet…all I wanted was to get back out there, start up a new business, and live life on my own terms.

Why not go the safe route? Get a job, steady income, health insurance for that ankle.

Was I crazy? Was there anyone else like me out there? I started to wonder.

Of course, there is. I’ve been meeting world-traveling entrepreneurs and risk takers since I first moved to Costa Rica at the age of nineteen.

I knew I needed to surround myself with my people again, so I started interviewing friends, and friends of friends, who had both traveled for at least a year or lived abroad, and run their own business.

At first, The Postnomadic Project was my postnomadic project, and it was all about self-exploration. But then, I found a method to the madness, a system for risk taking and adventure – and I knew I had to share this with anyone and everyone who would benefit from up close and personal interviews with people who take the path less traveled.

The Postnomadic Project became a study to discover how world-traveling entrepreneurs turn their life experience into a successful start up or small business.

Now, with every fiber of my being, my goal is to help you get out there and live your best life, focused on creating win-win situations in the world through well-rounded entrepreneurship.

I share these interviews and distill them into the system that teaches you to leap off into the unknown and take smart, daring risks to live life on your own terms.

Today I am a Brooklyn-based writer, interviewer, podcaster and advisor of travel startups, I run a small marketing agency focused on early-stage startups, and by day I am a content strategist for a local economic development organization, crafting the narrative for startups, small businesses and an entire urban center.

There's more where that came from.